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Hello guys!

Winter is coming, soon the leaves will turn orange then fall and everything will be covered in snow… Sad but what can we do?

So, we decided to shoot our second look whilst our schedules are kind of free and the weather is still nice. Even though we primarily went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art because of the beautiful exteriors, we ended up taking a stroll in the museum and we actually liked it – plus, general admission is always free!

For this look, we both went with denim jacket and all black outfit—I swear we did not consult each other.

Denim jacket were really trending in the last part of the summer, especially the one Audrey is wearing – this beauty is all over Instagram. She went with a pair of black destroy jeans and a simple cami top. The shoes were simple as well; she really wanted people to focused on the jacket and the bag. Ooh this bag! She’s been wanting it for years, and during the summer sale she got it for almost half of the price. Quick tip people: always wait for the sales for big purchases, even when you feel like it might be going out of stock, don’t panic. I’ve made this mistake a lot of times and ended up missing on great deals.

I went with this light-washed denim jacket with badges. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, feeling like the badges might be too much but I fell in love when it came and now I want to wear it everyday. I paired it with a pencil skirt, this sexy top from misguided which is actually a dress that I found too short to be worn during the day and some zara bags and heels.

We might look overdressed for this little outing but who cares? I say, if you want to wear something, wear it! Life is too short to keep an outfit for a special occasion.

Hope you enjoyed this and see you next time,














  1. Stella
    September 15, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    everything is giving me life here . Keep going girls 👯

  2. your girl Lowlow
    September 17, 2016 / 3:11 pm

    you simply look amazing. So inspiring

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