Bees In The Sin City

So guys we went to Vegas last week for our friend’s birthday and we were so excited because we’ve been planning this trip for a year now. Sadly our hotel was not on the strip (rookie mistake) but we surely had loads of fun. Honestly, If you are a girl, Vegas is your El dorado because you’ll be partying all week end (or more) for free! Promoters just randomly stop you on the street to put you on the guest list and it is up to you to decide in which club you want to spend the night, you can even attend all parties depending on your energy. But believe us, giiiiiiirl, you’ll be tired sooner than you think!

First of all, you’ll walk a lot. Everything is centered on the strip, so you won’t need a car. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes in your bag if you can because even if you’re a “heels pro”, this kind of walking will kill your feet.

Also, the strip is the place you to be to have access to all the “cool” clubs. We personally have a crush on the Venetian for its amazing design and the TAO, the Venetian’s club, is very good too.

caesars Pool



Venetian Hotel

  • Where to eat

We’ve kind of been craving French food for a while now so it is without surprise that we stalked the best French restaurants on instagram. Our favorite so far is Mon ami Gabi, it is a very cozy bistro offering delicious food at affordable prices.

Also if you’re looking for a very good restaurant with a view, take a look at the Eiffel Tower restaurant where you can see the dancing fountain of the Bellagio while sipping a mimosa.

For a restaurant with an AMAZING view, go to Top of the World restaurant, it is located on the 106th floor of the stratosphere hotel. Be ready to say hi to the skydiver who might be falling anytime during dinner. It is a rotating rooftop so you’ll have a 360 view of Vegas by night.

Mon Ami Gabi restaurant


Paris Hotel

  • What to do

Of course you’re in Vegas, you can play all you want. There are casinos everywhere, even at the airport. Apart from that, don’t expect too much touristy stuff to do, Vegas is the sin city and apart from the sin there is nothing else to see. Once you’ve wandered in two to three hotels you’ve practically seen everything. From the games in the halls to the pools and nightclubs, those hotels have pretty much the same to offer (of course at different prices).

One of the thing we were the most excited about was the gondola ride at the Venetian. It was a graceful glide down the canal while listening to the beautiful voice of a gondolier. A must if you come to Vegas (or if you ever go to Venice).

We were also very interested in a helicopter ride, but it was way out of our budget. However, it seems like a very fun thing to do especially if you are with your significant other.


Gondola ride outside the Venetian


We definitely enjoyed our stay there and we feel like Vegas is a place to go once in a lifetime. What we liked the most is that the city brings you in several different places with reproductions of the Eiffel tower, lady liberty, the Arc de Triomphe and many more. We partied like crazy, we drank like crazy and we ate like crazy, we did other crazy things but you know what they say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


Audrey & Megane.


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