Better late than never… 7 attitudes to have in 2017


20 days later…

We are so sorry we’ve been m.i.a those past couple of week but we were so busy!

“First thing first, I graduated – Yay me! – then right after that we flew out to California for a little holiday and as soon as we came back, Audrey went back home to Ivory Coast. I thought I would have some me time… but NO, I had to pack my things and move out of our apartment a day or two before the new year. Yeah, It was pretty hectic, me moving and Audrey back home with shitty wi-fi we weren’t able to do much for the blog.”

Nonetheless, 2016 was a wonderful year: lots of ups and downs, lots of smiles and tears and lots of learning. Today we are sharing our Los Angeles diary with you along with our 7 top attitudes to have in 2017 to become a better version of yourself. Enjoy!!!

  • Go on adventures

Travel, explore, experience! Do not be afraid of trying new things! We’ve been doing our “girls” trip for two years now and we love it! We just cho0se a place to visit, we save up and voilà! 

  •  Invest in valuable things

We looove shopping, a little bit too much. And if there is something that we noticed, it is that we often buy things that do not last. You know that really pretty and cheap dress that will look fantastic on you but that will be destroyed after you washed it, that’s what we are talking about. Clothes are not disposable, invest in quality pieces and you’ll never regret it!

  • If you want it, buy it

You see that bag, you want it but you’re not really sure. You know what ? Buy it! There is no point being the richest b*tch in the cemetery!

  • Save & be wise in your spending

Ok, now we got you confused regarding the two previous points but you need to learn when to spend your money and when not to. The advice pointed out earlier is applicable if all your bills are paid and you have food on your table!  Don’t go spend all your money then start crying saying the bees told me to, because child the bees ain’t putting no food in yo mouth!

  • Let your dreams be bigger than your fears 

You are lucky enough to be alive, so you might seize this opportunity to do whatever you want to do regardless of what others think of you. Gain self-confidence and learn to overcome fear of judgement because at the end of the day not everyone will understand your choices but remember that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Do you boo-boo and always believe in you; your dreams can take you places.

  • Workout and be fit 

Keep in mind that you do not only workout for your appearance. It always feels good to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of your body but working out is also good for your health and your mind. However, exercising alone might not be exciting so if your school is offering fitness classes, you should try them. Working out in groups is funnier and believe it or not, you will always want to go back.

  • Learn to be consistent

The problem is, people want to improve something in their lives but do not take actions. The biggest issue is that they don’t stay consistent over a long period of time. Whereas, doing something consistently is what will give you the best results in any areas of your life. And we kept this point for last because consistency is our biggest problem with the blog. If you guys only imagine the number of posts we should have by now, you’ll probably be dissapointed- But we’re back for better and for good 🙏🏾.


Audrey & Megane

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