There is no better love than self-love


Valentine’s day is around the corner… and even though I do not celebrate this “holiday”, I still believe that you should be treating yourself on this day wether you have a valentine or not. Some of these activities can be experience as a couple and if “boo” is not in your life yet, get you girlfriend along and celebrate “you day” !

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  • Pamper yourself

There is nothing like a good pampering to make you feel fresh, sexy and confident in your skin. So for this valentine’s day indulge yourself with an afternoon spa at home followed by a quick stop a the nail salon. Your skin will thank you, and for your nails, go bold and go chrome!










  • Get dressed up !

Wear a Little Black Dress, have a pop of color or go out in neutral. Play dress up and have a nice evening/diner with your significant other or your friends. Your happiness should be celebrated and what better day than the day of love?














  • Treat yourself 

Now that your body is right and you look like a million, you may want to go a step further a get something to really celebrate “you day”.

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