A metallic spring

Spring has sprung. As days gets longer and warmer, we can start peeling off our different layer and dare to start showing some skin.


Officially, spring is here, but in Minnesota it’s another story. The weather here is unpredictable and I will not be surprised if Mr Snow shows the tip of his nose as a last goodbye.

One thing that I’ve learned by living here is to enjoy every bit of sunshine that I can get. And that’s what I did last week-end. It was nice – not warm – but still nice! The perfect occasion for me to dig out my Gucci inspired slip on loafers.



Zara sweater

Zara jeans

H&M backpack – (similar below)

Asos silver slip on loafer ( sold out, similar below)






Those are the kind of shoes that you hate at first, and then you suddenly can’t stop thinking about them. That’s what happened to me, I was seeing them everywhere so they were always on my mind.

“They were always on my mind”

And one day, in Zara, I saw a girl with the most gorgeously ugly metallic slip on loafers, and I felt it, knew I needed them in my life.

“The most gorgeously ugly shoes”

Megane x

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