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The past few months have been quite a journey for me and it was too hard to keep up with college and the blog. Well I’m the queen of procrastination ( I mean we all are!) and it was very tiring to work on all my  school projects so I didn’t really have the strength to do anything else except eating and sleeping. If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I graduated two weeks ago and like they said ” the hassle is worth the hustle”.  I’m so excited for what’s next and feel scared at the same time but only hope for the better.

Now that I’m done with the life updates, let’s get into this fashion. It feels so good to be back with a post featuring the two of us. I ran out to this beauty last Saturday  for a get together and we found a cute wall that goes perfectly with our outfits. Today’s publication is all about the latest trends we fell in love with and how we styled them.


For the records, when I first saw the jogging with heels trend, I wasn’t having it. Honestly this jogging trousers changed my mind. I really like that it differs from the other ones I saw styled with pumps or whatsoever. The fact that there’s no strips on the side and the lace up make the pant looks more chic to me. And who doesn’t want to feel fashionable and comfy at the same time? Trust me you have all of this with this style.  For the shoes, I put on these cute sandals with embroidery which is another must have this season. It just amazes me  how a simple design can make a difference on a pair of shoes or clothes. Funny thing is, like for the joggers, I wasn’t a fan of mules either. But I’m glad I dare myself to wear something a little different because I absolutely love it!

What I’m Wearing

Pleated sleeves are replacing off the shoulder this year and we are definitely here for it. They are a statement by themselves and don’t need to much accessories to be valued and Meg got it right. This shirt looks simple and yet so sophisticated and I believe this is the reason you might consider having it in your dressing. She chose to wear it with her favorite bag for now. And let me tell you something: these days, she either has on this bag or these Gucci inspired mules or both together. But how can I blame her? They look too cute to be hidden. She also has a thing for embroidery as well as she put on these pink heeled sandals to lighten up her neutral outfit. 

What Megane is Wearing

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