BeesInTheCities turns ONE


Today is labor day = your last day to pull off the all white outfit !




And most importantly, it is our blog’s first anniversary !!!


For our first year, we are going to pass on the traditional photoshoot with the balloon number because honestly, we’re not very proud of ourselves. We started real good but we lacked a fundamental element: constancy.

We haven’t been consistent here or on our social media which is a shame for two wannabe bloggers like us. We’ve spent months without posting anything, we had countless missed photoshoot and every time we go out, we forget to take picture before eating. Not very blogger like.




We really want to do better this year though. Not only for you guys, but also for us. For a little bit of history, we did not just wake up one day and decided to create a blog. We’ve been thinking about it for years now, and actually our first blog back in ’14 was named TheMayIssue.

If we’d been wanting to do it for so long why weren’t we more constant? I don’t know, laziness maybe. Or lack of motivation. It is really easy to lose motivation in an industry that seems so oversaturated. But in those moment, we just remember why we doing it: because we love clothes, we love putting outfits together and it would be a shame to not show it to everybody. Inspire people will be a plus too.

So, yes yes and yes ! New year, new us ! More content and more CONSTANCY! By the way if you don’t follow us on social media yet, do it now : @beeingmegz and @daysie_k.

We have so much in store for you guys, we’re all fired up! (If you’re a manga fan and you know who that sentence is from, please leave his name in the comment!!)

For starters, since September is our anniversary month there will be a new post every week! Then, we will go down a notch and post once every two weeks (There might be some “bonus” post ). Content wise, more fashion of course. Maybe makeup ? But we are no professionals. And probably some lifestyle and home decor!

This is the year people, let’s make great!



Nice chitchat but let’s talk outfit now. You know the’70s/’80s trend is pretty big this year. She got the afro queen/baby doll down to a Z. I just love this asos dress with the open back; you can easily dress it up or dress it down. She paired it with her Valentino dupes and THE Instagram bag that she got for a fraction of the price ( as always, everything is linked).


I went for a tropical goddess look (jk). That Zara dress is e-very-thing. Literally. When you put in you, it just brings the sexy and the sassy in you. The wrap/knot detail make it very flattery for any body shape. Of course, I had to pair it with my “summer” bag; the bag I’ve been reaching for all summer long, my wonderful mango baby. And to complete the look, some gold sandals.


Our focus was not really on the looks this time but more on our message to you guys. We are determined to do better now and really want to thank you all for following us on our journey. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, share! And yeah… the bees are back.


Xx, Megane.


  1. kiz
    September 4, 2017 / 11:44 am

    I’m fired up now… Natsu Dragnil, Fairy tail !!! 🙂

  2. Desiree
    September 4, 2017 / 10:46 pm

    Yeahhhh the bees are back in the city …. keep it up the good work girls

    • bees in the cities
      September 5, 2017 / 6:33 pm

      Thanks girl ! And keep on coming !!

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