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Let me tell you something, even though it is still pretty warm outside, FALL IS HERE… In my mind at least. I am kind of over summer right now; I want layers, cozy cardigan and dark lipstick but oh well I guess I won’t really mind being able to wear summer dresses a few more days either.

I’ve stopped buying summer pieces back in July ( I made some “exceptions” here and there but hey nobody’s perfect )and started investing in my fall wardrobe. One of my favorite trend this season is red. Red is everywhere and if you feel like you’re “cool” enough you can even dare to pull the “red-to-toe” look where you basically wear an “all-red” outfit.

I am certainly not cool enough for that so I have stuck with red accessories for now. A little bag, a bracelet or a pair of shoes… Anything that will make your outfit pop and make you go from “gloomy fall” to “autumnal chic”.

My outfit is pretty simple and I feel like the red touch add a nice pop of color. Polka dot is actually a trend right now but I am not too crazy about that. I got those pants during Zara’s last season sale for a fraction of the price! I paired it with a long sleeves (quarter length if you want to be specific) white shirt and once I added the bag and the shoes… Honey, I felt red-dy (I am so funny, right?)



The bag is from Topshop; I saw it first on an english blogger and I was literally checking the new-in section of the us website daily to get my hands on it. I finally got it from Nordstrom which is my lifesaver almost every time I need something from Topshop. I am still kind of mad I had to pay full price ( no student discount on Nordstrom); and by the way, why don’t we have Topshop in Minnesota? Should we start a petition ? (A lil’ off topic I know, but I feel like they have all the good stuff in England and it’s never on the website.. Got me thinking about moving to the UK!)

Red is the color of passion and believe me when I saw those shoes, it was love at first sight. The pointy toe, the heel high, the PEARLS ? I don’t think I need to add anything… Just look.

What I am wearing

I am definitely planning on adding more red to my wardrobe when my finances will allow me so I made you a little selection/wish list of red items that have caught my eyes lately.







See you very soon,

Xx, Megane.

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