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Today’s post is an invitation to the Minneapolis-St.Paul area often referred to as the Cities. I’ve seen this city so many times but still feel new here as I spent more time doing the same things instead of getting to know it better. So I am taking you with me as I wander around. We have this tendency to dream about distant destinations so much that we forgot about the ones we have under our eyes. Truth is, travel is not always about buying the plane ticket and go far away. Traveling is in the food you eat, the memories you make along the road, the places you discover, the people you meet and how all this can influence you as a person. And today’s post is a proof that you can still be a tourist in the city you live as I will be talking about two of my favorite places right now.


Minneapolis Sculpture Garden & Walker Art Center

725 Vineland pl, Minneapolis, Mn 55403

  I would have been ashamed of myself if I let summer pass by without me going to the Minneapolis sculpture garden. Although it’s open all year round, sunny and warm days are ideal for your visit. Located in the heart of Minneapolis, this place is perfect for picnic, shooting, art discovery and everything you could ever imagine. This garden is home to more than 40 sculptures including the iconic spoonbridge and cherry for the pleasure of art lovers. Plus, admission to the garden is free, you will only have to pay if you want to take a look at the museum which also provides interesting exhibitions. If you ever go there, don’t forget to have a seat at the Esker grove, a perfectly designed restaurant inside the museum with tasty food and cocktails. There is also in little shop in the main lobby where you can get cute articles made by various artists. I wasn’t able to capture everything but if you live around and you’re reading this, I hope you make it there and enjoy.



Handsome Hog 


203 6th St E, St paul, MN 55101

I went to this place for the first time in August and I’ve been in love since. I was coming back from Church looking for a place to eat when the smell caught my attention. So I naturally brought Meg there for a second round. This restaurant brings southern food on the Northside with a simple menu and unbeatable price. With a pretty cool design, background music, delicious food and by the long wait lines during dinnertime, you can tell the neighbors were looking for that kind of taste in Lowertown St.Paul. My current favorite there is the chicken and waffles but I heard their smoked beef brisket is a must.


Hope to see you pretty soon



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