Out with the dainty, in with the chunky !

Statement earrings are in this season and we’re loving it!


If you’re afraid to jump in the statement earring bandwagon, this is the perfect pair for you. It is light and discreet but still quite a statement.

Topshop earrings (sold out)


I love pearls; they are elegant, chic, feminine, timeless… Oh well, you get the picture. Again, this is a more discreet way of wearing a pearl statement earring compared to the pair that I am showing a few pictures down.

Asos pearl earring


I absolutely ad-oo-re those leaf earrings. Take a cream jumper, add those earrings and you go from brunch at Perkins to breakfast at Tiffany’s. ( I don’t have anything against Perkins, I actually love their Hearty man’s Combo brunch; this is just for representation purposes).

However, they are on the heavy side so you have to be mindful of not wearing them for long periods.

Zara leaf earrings (sold out)


If you don’t know that fringes are in, then I don’t know on which planet you’re living because this style is everywhere. I like to wear mine with a middle part and a low ponytail for a look “Olé”.

Zara fringe earrings


Here are the big guys. The one that really make a “statement”. It’s like adding lashes to a make up look, it just take it to another level.

Asos tortoise earrings


I already mentioned that I loved pearls and those are my absolute favorite. I would wear them every day if I could. But again they are quite a statement

Zara Pearl earrings (last season but similar here)

Xx, Megane.

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