Happy Tuesday guys,

I am so excited for this week for two majors reasons: first thing first, Thanksgiving is around the corner. It has been an American holiday since the 19th century but it’s becoming a people’s favorite no matter your background. Of course you don’t need a special holiday to be thankful for the life you have and the company you keep but the spirit of that day is almost as magical as Christmas… Or not. However, it’s a good time to sit down, appreciate your blessings and enjoy good food with good people.

On the other hand, Black Friday is almost there too. It’s the name given to the shopping day after thanksgiving. I wish I could tell you a bit of history about that day but I don’t know much myself and I don’t want to mislead any of you. However the most important thing is that black Friday means D.E.A.LS. It’s time for you to get anything on your wishlist at a lower price – reason why people do half of their Christmas shopping that day. Even tough it can be exhausting for people working in the retail industry, I feel like it’s a wn-win situation: They make profit because we always shop more when there are some discounts.

P.S: Note that we made a selection of deals already available online that can help you out with your shopping. Some sites like Zara and Topshop do discounts on the same day. So keep your eyes on the prize and do the most. No excuses, we all know payday is Thursday so treat yourself girl!!


  • If you need to buy stuff for your apartment 


  • If you need more makeup products





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